[PROXYPER] Question about proxyper using a proxy

Rick Martin rick at housemartin.free-online.co.uk
Sun Nov 28 10:58:41 EST 1999

DHSinclair wrote:
> Eddict,
>   I has the same problem with the 311 proxy connecting and providing status
> every 30 seconds. The fix for this is the parameter /statusperiod/ in the
> section [misc] of your .ini file. Yours is set to 30.
> [misc]
> proxymessage="rc5des Proxy!"
> pidfile=rc5desproxy.pid
> statusperiod=30 ***
> ;logfilecompressor=logcompressor.sh
> ***Change the /statusperiod/ parameter to some other value that you like. I
> use 600 (10 minutes).

Alternatively, turn off the stats by changing your .INI file
I've removed (apart from "all" and "none") "general", "stats", "client"
and "buffers".  One of these did the trick, but I can't remember offhand
which one.  Try for yourself, see what you want/don't want.


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