[PROXYPER] PProxyMon for Proxyper 3.11 available

Mike Morrow mike at micratek.com
Mon Nov 29 22:50:23 EST 1999

The latest update to PProxyMon is available either through the 
Miscellaneous Programs page of Distributed.Net or from 
http://www.micratek.com -- Select the PProxyMon (white) button.

This code only runs on Win32 machines and has been tested only on WinNT at 
present.  I will test it elsewhere soon.  It reads ONLY Proxyper 3.11 style 
log files.

Here is the only help needed, I hope:  Press Ctrl+O and select your 
Proxyper.exe.  It will take over from there.  I hope to get around to 
writing a help for this version.  We will see if that ever happens.  In 
exchange for not having a help file, I tried, as always, to make it as 
automatic as possible.  Also, it only reads MSDOS type files (CR & LF).  I 
will try to get the *nix file read in in a day or two.

See the site for more information.

Due to inflation, it is now twice as free!

Mike Morrow

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