[PROXYPER] Win32 Personal Proxy (build 308) through Wingate/lurk mode doesn't work

Thomas Kurz thomas.kurz at unileoben.ac.at
Mon Nov 29 18:41:23 EST 1999

Hi Nils!

Im running a proxyper v311 over Wingate 3.0. This works fine and fast,
because im using a TCP Mapping Service in Wingate on Port 2065 that
connects the internal Port 2065 to the external keyserver.
As keyserver i use 
Europe -- euro.v27.distributed.net
on port 2064 which is one of the round-robin servers from
distributed.net as described in the help file. Others are
US -- rc5proxy.distributed.net
Asia -- asia.v27.distributed.net 
Australia -- aussie.v27.distributed.net 

So just install a new Wingate TCP Mapping service and connect it to
internal Port 2064 and whatever keyserver you like.

Then Change the keyserver in the proxyper.ini to the Wingate machine. In
my case:


The internal Port 2064 still belongs to the proxyper so you dont have to
change the client configuration.
The connectivity can be set to normal so the perproxy can connect to the
internet whenever its necessery, so you better choose your maxkeysdone
and minkeysready setting to values so that the proxy only has to connect
once or twice per day!
This works really fine and with Wingate as dialer the connection is
closed automtically after finishing the connection.
Just dont choose the connectperiod too low because if there's a problem
with the keyserver you will get multiple dial ups. But this didnt happen
to me since i did choose one of the round-robin servers!

cu, Shorty

Nils Petersen wrote:
> Hi alX-Mozilla-Status: 0009 RC5 and esp. the personal proxy I have these problems with the proxy:
> It's running on Win95OSR2 (MSDUN1.3, WinSock2) besides Wingate 2.1d. The RC5 proxy does not detect a dialed up line that it could utilize for buffer updates.
> I've tried direct connection, connection through Wingate's SOCKS5 proxy (worked fine with the clients) and connection through Wingate's http proxy (worked also fine with the clients but is much slower). Starting up the proxy when the machine is connected to the 'net updates the buffers AOK, but when the buffer runs low it doesn't connect any more.
> Does anybody have any hints on making it detect the line dial-up?
> I think the connection through SOCKS5 is the best approach as it can trigger dialing when the proxy is 'trying harder to connect' and being in lurk mode otherwise. What's the best config in conjunction with Wingate?
> BTW: automatic internet connection by Windows application is disabled, only Wingate is able to dial up a line. I don't have any problems with other applications through Wingate's http or SOCKS5 proxies.
> Many thanks for your constructive help!
> Nils
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