[PROXYPER] Connectivity options

Rick Martin rick at housemartin.free-online.co.uk
Sun Nov 28 20:49:01 EST 1999

DHSinclair wrote:
> From: Rick Martin <rick at housemartin.free-online.co.uk>
> >DHSinclair wrote:
> >>
> >> How did you get your perproxy to answer your clients using
> >> the /lurkonly/ parameter? Are there other subtle parameters
> >> I'm not using that affect this parameter?
> >
> >No, I use /lurkonly/ to stop the proxy dialling up to connect
> >to the main proxies, same as you do.  Some of the meaning must
> >have been lost in the message routing between my brain, via my
> >fingers, keyboard and your screen, to your brain :)
> Don't think I missed anything. I can not use /lurkonly/ for
> some reason. If used, my proxy will not communicate with the
> clients at all.

Sorry, my mistake; there was a routing error in the return leg, and I
misread what you were saying :)

No, I have no idea what I might have done differently to get my clients
and personal proxy talking effectively, even if the proxy has
/lurkonly/.  I have the clients set to /normal/, of course, as they're
all on the LAN with the proxy.  Other than that, I can't see anything
which would mean that the clients can connect if the proxy is /normal/
(or, presumably, /lurk/?) and not if it's /lurkonly/.

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