[PROXYPER] using uuehttpmode

Ray Pasley rpasley at rp3.webcrafters.com
Sun Oct 10 12:00:14 EDT 1999

That is exactly what I did to get through the msproxy, It works great. Just
doing a cut and past from the moo client. 

It keeps the keys moving in spite of tightening IT security groups. Sort of
moves the questions of doing distributed.net activities to a question of
principle rather than a meaningful security risk as some IT security groups
tend to see it.

At 10:15 AM 1999-10-10 -0400, you wrote:
>(Ray Pasley) asks. . 
><<BTW anyone know if the MSproxy is socks4 or 5 >>
>I don't know that specifically, but I never could get a personal proxy to 
>start working, with the DSL/MSProxy setup and line at the location I was 
>working at the time. . .I did however, use HTTP tunnelling, labling the name 
>of the proxy in the place provided in the WinX client, with port 80 as the 
>choice.  Each machine finds its own way to the web with the setup. . .FWTW
>Jonathan Gilbert
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