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Aetius aetius at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 11 08:50:51 EDT 1999

I don't know if this helps or not, but I've heard MSProxy 2.0 described as
"Socks 4A".  I don't know what that means, but I can guess that it is Socks
4 with Microsoft add-ons.  Anyone know more?

Make sure that you designate us80.v27.distributed.net as your keyserver if
you are using http mode.

The only problem I see with basic authentication is making sure that you
log into the proxy correctly when the clients/proxyper go out through it.
For the clients this is configurable, I don't know about proxyper, but
there is a line under the connectivity setting marked "httpid", so I would
guess that logging in is possible as well.  Also, basic authentication uses
cleartext on MSProxy, as you know, which I wouldn't recommend under <any>
circumstances -- too easy for someone who isn't supposed to have access to
get it.

With NT authentication the security is handled automatically, you shouldn't
have to set anything (as long as the machine in question is allowed
internet access), and at least has a minimum of security.  I'd use NT
authentication, as it is easier to set up, especially with multiple clients
-- you only need proxyper on one machine that has access to the internet,
the rest don't need it, they just point to the proxyper.


At 08:32 PM 10/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Okay, one of the site that i have generating a buncho'keys is preparing to
>block all ports at the router and firewall. We do have an couple of ms
>proxies allowing port 80 access to the Internet.
>I'm getting ready to try using uuehttpmode=2 to 'keep the keys moving' one
>proxy uses NT authentication, the second uses basic authentication.
>Using the above mode or a more appropriate one, will I have better success
>using basic authentication? do I still need to come up with an encryption
>string for the logid and password or will cleartext basic authentication
>work. BTW anyone know if the MSproxy is socks4 or 5 ?
>If there is a nice clean way to get out on port 80 that is known the advice
>is welcome.
>Ray Pasley
>Webcrafters Consulting
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