[PROXYPER] using uuehttpmode

Ray Pasley rpasley at rp3.webcrafters.com
Mon Oct 11 18:19:45 EDT 1999

what is the MS Proxy client ?? just MS IE or something over and above ??

At 02:35 PM 1999-10-11 -0500, you wrote:
>I've had it working fine by just making sure the MS Proxy client is
>installed on the computer.  With the MS Proxy client enabled you don't even
>have to tell it that you are using a proxy.  Just treat it like you are on
>the net all the time and the MS Proxy client handles the rest.
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>Okay, one of the site that i have generating a buncho'keys is preparing to
>block all ports at the router and firewall. We do have an couple of ms
>proxies allowing port 80 access to the Internet.
>I'm getting ready to try using uuehttpmode=2 to 'keep the keys moving' one
>proxy uses NT authentication, the second uses basic authentication.
>Using the above mode or a more appropriate one, will I have better success
>using basic authentication? do I still need to come up with an encryption
>string for the logid and password or will cleartext basic authentication
>work. BTW anyone know if the MSproxy is socks4 or 5 ?
>If there is a nice clean way to get out on port 80 that is known the advice
>is welcome.
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