[PROXYPER] Flushing blocks to proxy

Thomas Smith jester7 at wintek.com
Tue Oct 19 18:30:45 EDT 1999

>From: Henning Eiben <eiben at weite-welt.com>
>> I'm running a perproxy on my private LAN and whenever my proxy runs out of
>> available blocks, it doesn't accept the random blocks from my clients. Is
>> there any way to get the proxy to accept these blocks anyway?
This happens because the client tries to fetch before it flushes, and then disconnects if it 
can't fetch.  This is a big problem, and it would be nice if the kind people at D.Net would 
fix it.

Depending on what OS you're using, you may be able to hack together a cron (or 
whatever) script to do fetches and flushes seperately.  This makes fetching and flushing 

A script might look something like (<<END_SCRIPT):
cd /usr/local/rc5des;
touch pause;
./rc5des -flush;
./rc5des -fetch;
rm -f pause;

hope this helped.
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