[PROXYPER] problem serving blocks to clients

Thomas H. Davies tdavies at jps.net
Tue Oct 19 21:08:32 EDT 1999

I'm running proxyper 308a for linux on my private lan, and I'm
having difficulty serving blocks to my clients.  Everything seems
to work fine, the clients handshake and give their blocks to the
proxy, but then continually query the proxy's status, spamming
both the clients and perproxy's log files.  Looks like this:

10/19/99 19:39:27,Client: Accepted connection with
10/19/99 19:39:28,Client: is requesting server status
10/19/99 19:39:28,Client: Received completed rc564 c7328f0f:40000000, iter 1
10/19/99 19:39:31,Client: Received completed rc564 c6677e63:00000000, iter 8
10/19/99 19:39:31,Client: has ended communications.
10/19/99 19:39:31,rc564 r=1002/1000, d=1158/9999, 21.1 Mkeys/sec, tot=140
10/19/99 19:39:31,desII r=0/1, d=0/1, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
10/19/99 19:39:31,Client: Accepted connection with
10/19/99 19:39:32,Client: is requesting server status
10/19/99 19:39:32,Client: has ended communications.
10/19/99 19:39:32,Client: Closing client connection with
10/19/99 19:39:32,Client: Accepted connection with
10/19/99 19:39:33,Client: is requesting server status
10/19/99 19:39:33,Client: has ended communications.
10/19/99 19:39:33,Client: Closing client connection with
10/19/99 19:39:33,Client: Accepted connection with
10/19/99 19:39:34,Client: is requesting server status
10/19/99 19:39:34,Client: has ended communications.
10/19/99 19:39:34,Client: Closing client connection with

I've messed with the ini file settings on both the proxy and clients,
nothing seems to make a difference.  As I said, proxy version is linux
glibc2 x86 308a, clients are v2.7112.444-CTR-99072003 WindowsNT 4 sp 4.

Any ideas?  I can post more log file info or ini file settings if needed.

also, an unrelated and only mildly annoying problem with the proxy:

10/19/99 19:36:26,Server connectivity mode is offline
10/19/99 19:36:26,Connection is needed, trying to make serverconnection
10/19/99 19:36:26,Creating outgoing server connection.
10/19/99 19:38:59,Error resolving host us.v27.distributed.net
10/19/99 19:38:59,Server changed from state 0 to 51
10/19/99 19:38:59,server: Closing server connection.

with the server connectivity set to OFFLINE, it still tries to connect,
and hangs for over 2 minutes (36:26 to 38:59) in the attempt.  Completely
unresponsive to any signals.  Annoying, but easily hacked by setting
connectperiod to something gigantic.  Then it only hangs once at startup.

Anyway, hope this has happened to someone else, and theres something
stupid I've just overlooked.  But I'm really stumped.

Thanks for the help,

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