[PROXYPER] problem serving blocks to clients

Gert-Jan Vons vons at iname.com
Thu Oct 21 01:32:44 EDT 1999

At 20:08 1999-10-19 -0700, Thomas H. Davies wrote:

>also, an unrelated and only mildly annoying problem with the proxy:
>10/19/99 19:36:26,Server connectivity mode is offline
>10/19/99 19:36:26,Connection is needed, trying to make serverconnection
>10/19/99 19:36:26,Creating outgoing server connection.
>10/19/99 19:38:59,Error resolving host us.v27.distributed.net
>10/19/99 19:38:59,Server changed from state 0 to 51
>10/19/99 19:38:59,server: Closing server connection.
>with the server connectivity set to OFFLINE, it still tries to connect,
>and hangs for over 2 minutes (36:26 to 38:59) in the attempt.  Completely
>unresponsive to any signals.  Annoying, but easily hacked by setting
>connectperiod to something gigantic.  Then it only hangs once at startup.
>Anyway, hope this has happened to someone else, and theres something
>stupid I've just overlooked.  But I'm really stumped.

I also see this problem with the FreeBSD version of the proxy (build 308). 
It seems that the proxy does DNS lookups even when it is running in 
off-line mode (which means no internet name resolution available in my case).

When my ppp connection is up, I use SIGALRM to tell the proxy to connect. 
In order to work around the problem, I ended up sending a SIGHUP 
first, forcing the proxy to re-read the configuration file seems to fix it 
most of the time.

But it shouldn't do any DNS lookups in off-line mode in the first place...

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