[PROXYPER] Lost Blocks after Blue Screen :-(

Holger Sesterhenn sester at mcis.de
Sun Oct 24 15:36:31 EDT 1999

Hello Folks, 

I am depressed. 

Yesterday my private proxy showed about 9000 Blocks finished. After a WinNT
Blue-Screen (grr) a few minutes later the file size of pprc5out.log was still
the same (for the
9000 blocks) but when I try to send these blocks to distributed.net only 1200
blocks were send (different machine under Linux or WinNT). 

What's wrong? I have a backup of the old file.

Does anybody have a description of the file format of the pprc5out-files? Are
these files compressed (Winzip does not compress them...)?

I'm using build 308.


Holger Sesterhenn

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