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waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Thu Dec 7 13:23:34 EST 2000

SiDEWiNDER wrote:
> Hi,
> My personal proxy (linux, 319 beta build or something) reports in it's
> logfile '1.3MKeys/sec'. But my own personal PC is doing already 2.7
> MKeys/sec on it's own? Is this pproxy value really correct?
the perproxy measurement is evaluated over time and the units it
receives back from the clients... if you watch your perproxy when a
client flushes blocks, you'll see the perproxy will report a higher
count and then as time goes by with no more blocks received, the
value/sec will go down... which is true since it hasn't received any
more blocks from clients over that time period...

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