[PROXYPER] proxy (version 319) crashing a whole machine (NT)

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Sat Dec 16 12:41:16 EST 2000

I know of know such issue.  If you can provide a set of repro steps of
this, along with a console log, then it might be possible to diagnose.

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Wouter van Baardewijk wrote:

> I was running a proxy on a windows 2000 server.
> Until it became clear to the admin that it was proxyper that used up so many
> handles and memory (about 400 Megs) that he decided to drop it from the
> system :(
> According to him proxyper started behaving badly when all of a sudden the
> internet connection goes dead and proxyper starts to use handles and
> resources like crazy..

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