[PROXYPER] Trouble with 313 proxies

Andreas Beckmann andreas.beckmann at student.uni-halle.de
Thu Dec 28 16:39:41 EST 2000

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From: Shawn Tayler <stayler at powernet.net>
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Date: Thursday, December 28, 2000 3:47 PM
Subject: [PROXYPER] Trouble with 313 proxies

>Had some trouble yesterday, 12/27, getting new RC5 blocks with my build 313 PProxies.  A friend updated to the 
>319 and the problem vanished.  Unfortunately, I am running my proxies on OS/2 and there is no updated PProxy.  Is 
>there an update coming for OS/2?  Was this incompatibility (The keyservers reported that there were no key 
>blocks for RC5 or OGR available) a temporary problem?

Keymaster and some proxies ran out of blocks. You check this at

Everything is running again.
There is incompatibility with v313.


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