[PROXYPER] Version 313?

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Sat Feb 12 16:14:36 EST 2000

On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, DHS wrote:

> Yes, the Version 313 PerProxy is a very good improvement. I am particularly
> pleased with the expanded parameter explanation in the readme.txt file.
> Several of my concerns have been answered.
> I do have a question. I have read several times the section explaining the
> "connectivity" of the PProxy:
> connectivity=x    ;x=Normal, Lurk, LurkOnly
> Is this parameter dealing with connectivity between the:
> a)Client and PProxy?
> b)PProxy and KeyServer (via dial-up, ISP, and web)?
> The explanation seems to suggest b), but whenever I select "Lurk" all
> communication between the Clients and the PProxy terminates and the Clients
> indicate network errors in the console log view. (no mention of network
> error appears in the Client's log file.) All Clients are set for operation
> on a "private network."

The option affects the connectivity between your proxy and the upstream
server.  That is why it is grouped under the [KeyServer] section, which
indicates that it relates specifically to that.

If your proxy does not have any blocks available for your clients when
they connect, then that may be the cause of the errors that you are

The connectivity mode does not affect HOW the proxy connects to the
keyserver, only when. 

You do not indicate what messages you see in your proxy console output.

> The "Normal" selection is the only choice that allows communication between
> the PProxy and the Clients. Three of the Clients are version 2.8005.455. One
> Client is version 2.8004.450.
> Possibly contributing factors:
> --Black Ice Defender runs on the same machine as the PProxy and one Client.
> --The Clients do not use the "behind a firewall" settings. (?)
> --All machines have TCP/IP running, but unbound from the NIC's.
> --NetBIOS is defeated.
> --The NIC's are bound to NetBEUI to allow local printer and file sharing.
> --All machines run M$ W95 OSR2.1 (no USB)

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