[PROXYPER] Options for version 314?

Phillip phile at phile.com.au
Mon Feb 14 15:33:34 EST 2000

>This is a design choice within the client, not of the proxy.  The
>reasoning is that if a proxy does not have blocks, it is probably not
>connecting to the outside world properly (possibly a situation that may
>not be corrected for a long time if you're using a personal proxy
>maintained by someone else).  Therefore it might be preferable to hold the
>blocks and not submit them until the client happens to select another
>proxy (perhaps a round-robin DNS) or the user chooses to repoint the
>client at a working proxy.

Hi Jeff

I can see your reasoning here, but I don't fully agree with the premises on
which it is based. I can understand that there may be some circumstances
when that may hold true, but I don't agree that's true in the majority of cases.
I've been running a PProxy for almost 2 years (for my own clients and for
other people), and I'll admit I have made one or 2 stuff-ups. But over the
last 12 months, the biggest problem has been the d.n keyservers running
out of keys. I don't want to over-dramatise it, but I can recall at least 3
separate times in the last year where this has happened. When it happens
for a reasonable time (like these were), it affects all keyservers in the
US, Europe, Asia and Australia round-robins, so no blocks can be fetched.

Before the last time (about a week or so ago), I had in place a sytem where
I had feeder PProxies and I rotate the in buffers so there's no stale blocks.
Of course, I can't speak for other people, but I'd personally prefer the idea
of my clients' clients being able to flush their blocks in case of a prolonged
problem with the main keyservers again.

Just my $AUD0.02 worth.


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