[PROXYPER] statically linked proxy, grrr.

Peter Cordes peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca
Thu Feb 17 10:27:48 EST 2000

On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 07:10:57AM -0600, Donald J Bindner wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2000 at 12:08:55AM -0400, Peter Cordes wrote:
> I in general have had the experience that all of the _statically_
> linked binaries have been unable to do name lookups (regardless
> of the C library they target).  I have to enter a numeric IP
> address.

 Hmm, I'm sticking with v311 for now, since it does OGR and hasn't given me
any trouble (running on an always-on, [hehe... almost] always connected
linux box on Dalhousie's network).

Maybe the problem is that they were statically linked with a version of libc
different from the one installed on your system.  Normally, this is the
whole point, and the binary works no matter what shared libraries are
available on the machine running it.  With networking, name lookups are done
by consulting /etc/nsswitch.conf, and _loading the appropriate
/lib/libnss_*.so_.  If the necessary libnss_* libraries weren't linked in
manually at compile time, then that might be the source of the problem.  Try
strace -p $(pidof proxyper) if you have a statically linked proxy running.
See if it tries to load libnss something, and has something fail shortly

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