[PROXYPER] Proxy 313 Speed

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Sat Feb 26 12:19:49 EST 2000

Hello kai,

lørdag, 26. februar 2000, you wrote:

kpd> Hello,

kpd> I just installed the 313 rc5 proxy because the 308a does not run on my
kpd> RedHat 6.1 system. Everything seems fine, offline works. But when
kpd> fetching blocks from a 308a proxy I recognized that even in my local LAN
kpd> the transfer speed is approx 1 block a second.

kpd> As my uplink uses the 308a proxy I would like to know how I can speed up
kpd> this connection. I tried the 308 version of the proxy, but this version
kpd> refuses to connect after getting the ALRM sig.

Isn't there something about only 311 and above proxies supports the
larger blocksizes??? I'd sugges upgrading the uplink proxy to 311 or

Best regards,
 Oyvind                            mailto:oyvindan at online.no

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