[PROXYPER] Auto buffer sizes

Graeme Simms gsimms at icon.co.za
Tue Feb 29 16:25:11 EST 2000


Can someone possibly assist me with some queries I have re auto buffers in
proxyper 313.

I'm running Windows 2000 on my machine, in a local network at my home.  I
find it easier to use a proxy as only one machine dials to the internet via
modem.  I've set the perproxy to lurkonly mode.  My machine is on during the
day, but off at nights.  The client running on my machine stores buffers for
about 3 hours.  All other machines store buffers for 24 hours (as some of
them are permanently on, and to allow for time while my machine is down).

I've left all the settings for the proxy as default, but I've noticed that
while many times the buffer has emptied, it still doesn't change the
maxkeysready above 20 as the documentation describes it will when more than
that level is required.  I actually find the documentation slightly
contradictory.  At some places it mentions this only works for buffers above
1000, and other places it says that it makes sure it can always buffer
enough for a couple of days.

It's running as a service, so I can't always be sure, but does the proxy
save it's intelligent settings to the .INI file or is that reset /lost on a

Can someone also explain the timeaverage feature?  How is this used?

Can I solve my problem by using the maxbufferdays feature?

Many thanks.

Graeme Simms (gsimms at icon.co.za)

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