[PROXYPER] Auto buffer sizes

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Tue Feb 29 09:13:24 EST 2000

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Graeme Simms wrote:

> I've left all the settings for the proxy as default, but I've noticed that
> while many times the buffer has emptied, it still doesn't change the
> maxkeysready above 20 as the documentation describes it will when more than
> that level is required.  I actually find the documentation slightly
> contradictory.  At some places it mentions this only works for buffers above
> 1000, and other places it says that it makes sure it can always buffer
> enough for a couple of days.

The allowable maxkeysready will never be increased above the value that
you specify in your ini.  Instead, the proxy may interpret values >1000 as
being =1000 if it does not believe that your rate is substantial enough to
support a need of greater than 1000.

> It's running as a service, so I can't always be sure, but does the proxy
> save it's intelligent settings to the .INI file or is that reset /lost on a
> shutdown?

It does not modify the ini for the purposes of changing the maxkeysready.
It only has the potential of interpreting >1000 values as less than that.

> Can someone also explain the timeaverage feature?  How is this used?

Typically it does not need to be adjusted.  It affects how the proxy
computes the current "average keyrate" that your proxy is achieving (ie:
specifies what length of time period it averages over).

> Can I solve my problem by using the maxbufferdays feature?

Specify a value that is appropriate for your usage levels.

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