[PROXYPER] Auto buffer sizes

Isaac zarkon at concentric.net
Tue Feb 29 09:55:01 EST 2000

I am having similar problems with my proxy 313 (win32).  My home network 
does between 700 to 850 blocks a day (depending on game time), and I can't 
get the proxyper to hold more than a thousand blocks when I want to go away 
for a few days.  I tried setting maxbufferdays=4, and and it will still 
only read 1000 blocks.  My RC5 settings are minkeysready=750, 

At 09:13 AM 2/29/00 -0800, you wrote:
>The allowable maxkeysready will never be increased above the value that
>you specify in your ini.  Instead, the proxy may interpret values >1000 as
>being =1000 if it does not believe that your rate is substantial enough to
>support a need of greater than 1000.
> > Can I solve my problem by using the maxbufferdays feature?
>Specify a value that is appropriate for your usage levels.

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