[PROXYPER] Any problems with 313/Win95?

rc5des at nashville.com rc5des at nashville.com
Wed Mar 1 12:13:30 EST 2000


I'm running Build 313 on Windows95, and since I've installed it, I've had two
instances of some very odd behavior.  After the proxy has been running for several
days (around five), I'll double-click on an icon on the desktop to launch a
program, and suddenly the program I clicked on will launch multiple copies of
itself repeatedly, along with a handful of other programs.  I then, one by one,
attempt to close the onslaught of programs that appear, but the programs launch
faster than I can close.  Finally, I click on the personal proxy button on the
toolbar to bring that window to the forefront and press Control-C as fast as
I can in order to shut down the proxy server properly.  When it shuts down,
I then attempt to shut down my computer (with several resulting messages about
the spawned programs not responding).

This has happened twice since I've installed the proxy server.  I believe that
the last time it occured, the programs stopped spawning after I shut down the
proxy server.  (The first time it happened, I was too panic-stricken to notice.)
 The whole scenario makes me wonder if there's some kind of slow memory leak
in 313/Win95.

My system up until this point has been extremely stable.  I'm running a Pentium
200 with 32MB RAM.  It is used very little, only to surf the net occasionally
and fetch email.  The only crashes I've experienced on this machine before were
conflicts with my ZIP drive and printer, but that has stopped since I removed
the ZIP drive.

Has anyone else experienced problems like this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Chris Thompson

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