[PROXYPER] Any problems with 313/Win95?

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Wed Mar 1 11:55:43 EST 2000

On Wed, 1 Mar 2000 rc5des at nashville.com wrote:

> I'm running Build 313 on Windows95, and since I've installed it, I've
> had two instances of some very odd behavior.  After the proxy has been
> running for several days (around five), I'll double-click on an icon
> on the desktop to launch a program, and suddenly the program I clicked
> on will launch multiple copies of itself repeatedly, along with a
> handful of other programs.  I then, one by one, attempt to close the
> onslaught of programs that appear, but the programs launch faster than
> I can close.  Finally, I click on the personal proxy button on the
> toolbar to bring that window to the forefront and press Control-C as
> fast as I can in order to shut down the proxy server properly.  When
> it shuts down, I then attempt to shut down my computer (with several
> resulting messages about the spawned programs not responding).

This cannot be related to the proxy.  Your shift key is likely getting
into a stuck state and when you click on the desktop, it shift-selects
several things and double-clicking invokes them all.

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