[PROXYPER] Proxy connection :Unable to send request

尾形 茂之 ogata at avsd.mci.mei.co.jp
Thu Mar 2 15:52:56 EST 2000

Hello , 

I have experienced exact the same problem on Linux ( Redhat 5.2 based) 
only on SMP (Dual Celeron/Pentium III) machine. After I changed OS into Redhat 6 , 
this problems disappeared . 

This problem occurs only on the recent client with CSC implemented. 
Sorry , I cannot say what  the exact version has this matter first.

Subject: Re[2]: [PROXYPER] Proxy connection :Unable to send request
Chuck san wrote on Wed, 01 Mar 2000 22:32:55 -0800			
|This doesn't work ether the client is contacting the proxy but cant send 
|[Mar 02 06:31:03 UTC] Connected to distributed.net:80
|                       via HTTP proxy pigpen:999
|[Mar 02 06:31:03 UTC] FetchRC5::Unable to send request (-1.168).


Shigeyuki Ogata  ogata at avsd.mci.mei.co.jp
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