[PROXYPER] Any problems with 313/Win95?

rc5des at nashville.com rc5des at nashville.com
Thu Mar 2 12:28:37 EST 2000

I'm confident that the problem has nothing to do with the shift key.  A stuck
shift key would not launch endless copies of the same program with one click.
 The problem either has to be with Windows or with the proxy.  Since the problem
started when I started running the proxy, I'm suspecting that it's at least
a factor.  Of course, I also added this computer to the local network at the
same time that I started running the proxy, so I suppose the problem could lie
with the network drivers, or a conflict between the network drivers and the
proxy.  It just seems unusual that once I shut down the proxy, the spawning
of programs stopped and the system returned to normal.

If the incident occurs again, I will certainly analyze its behavior more thoroughly;
perhaps then I will switch to an older build and see if it continues.

>This cannot be related to the proxy.  Your shift key is likely getting
>into a stuck state and when you click on the desktop, it shift-selects
>several things and double-clicking invokes them all.

>> I'm running Build 313 on Windows95, and since I've installed it, I've
>> had two instances of some very odd behavior.  After the proxy has been
>> running for several days (around five), I'll double-click on an icon
>> on the desktop to launch a program, and suddenly the program I clicked
>> on will launch multiple copies of itself repeatedly, along with a
>> handful of other programs.  I then, one by one, attempt to close the
>> onslaught of programs that appear, but the programs launch faster than
>> I can close.  Finally, I click on the personal proxy button on the
>> toolbar to bring that window to the forefront and press Control-C as
>> fast as I can in order to shut down the proxy server properly.  When
>> it shuts down, I then attempt to shut down my computer (with several
>> resulting messages about the spawned programs not responding).

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