[PROXYPER] Personal Proxy for OS/2 build 313

Teemu Mannermaa wicked at clinet.fi
Sun Mar 5 15:16:14 EST 2000

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 11:32:53 -0800 (PST), Jeff Lawson wrote:

>> Build 308 did not want connect to a keyserver at all and now that I
>> upgraded to build 313 the personal proxy tries to connect all the time.
>> --!--
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:17,Connection detected on 'ppp0'...
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:17,Status: Uplink needed... (dialup connection
>> detected)
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:17,Status: Creating uplink (outgoing server)
>> connection.
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,connect( Message file not
>> found. 
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,Uplink: [1] Connect to failed.
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,Uplink: [1] connection to changed state
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,        from 0 (ESTNONE) to 51 (ESTDEAD)
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,Uplink: [1] Closed connection to
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,Status: Uplink needed... (dialup connection
>> detected)
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,Status: Creating uplink (outgoing server)
>> connection.
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,rc564 r=29/100, d=83/10, 0.2 Mkeys/sec, tot=385
>> 2000-02-27 04:00:18,Status: rc564: Last uplink sent 0 and received 0

>Well, you have enough done blocks to trigger a connection.  "d=83/10".  If
>you don't want a connection triggered when you have more than 10 done
>blocks but still more than sufficient ready blocks, then consider setting
>your maxkeysdone to a higher value (more than 100, for example).

I want the personal proxy to connect at 4am when my dial-up connection
is up. It should only connect once and do its thing (flush all ready
blocks and fetch upto 100 blocks). The maxkeysdone is just right as it
really should connect at that time. There are few problems: 

1) It seems to try connection too early, because it can't actually
reach the network. The "message file not found" error seems to indicate
this and the fact that about 4:00:50 it gets another "Connection
detected on 'ppp0'..." message. Also it seems the host name is not
resolved, which is probably due to the fact the dial-up connection is
not up. Probably perproxy should ignore the first dialup connection
detected condition as the connection is not up.

2) After the personal proxy has connected and done it's thing, it still
tries to connect. These excess connections only connect to the
keyserver (sends it greeting message) and the connection is terminated
when timeout occurs during read. Obviously these are unnecessary
connections as the personal proxy does not do anything. It does this
untill the dialup connection is terminated.

The maxkeysready does not affect this as it's d=0/10 because the
personal proxy succesfully flushed them just few seconds ago. The
connectperiod is one hour but the personal proxy is trying to connect
every second so it's ignoring this setting. 

I have seen this second case before in build 308 but it only happened
when the current ready blocks were exactly the same as what we wanted
(r=100/100). Could it be the new build has expanded this bug to include
the case when current ready blocks is bigger than the wanted ready

If I'm only one that is experiencing this bug then there must be some
other variable that is in play here. I wonder what it could be...
Wicked Jack, wicked at clinet.fi, http://www.pp.clinet.fi/%7ewicked/

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