[PROXYPER] Proxy connection :Unable to send request

Chuck RC5 at atthe.net
Wed Mar 8 21:45:43 EST 2000

This behavior resulted from client config settings
2/6/2  auto select key server
2/6/3 host name and
2/6/4 port
were set to connect directly to a key server and not to the proxy.
so the client was looking for the key server for keys, not the proxy
but after it connected to the key server it sent the packets through the proxy
because the proxy settings were set properly
all works well now

At 05:41 PM 3/1/00 -0800, you wrote:
>personal proxy "ver 313 win32"
>the problem is that the clients can ONLY connect and download  work units 
>to the proxy when that client's machine is connected
>to the internet by modem "packets are not going out over the modem 
>connection on the client machine"  otherwise they run out of packets and 
>give this error:
>[Mar 01 07:00:08 UTC] 52 RC5 packets (189 work units) remain in buff-in.rc5
>[Mar 01 07:00:08 UTC] Projected ideal time to completion: 0.16:44:51.00
>[Mar 01 07:00:08 UTC] 17 RC5 packets (64 work units) are in buff-out.rc5
>[Mar 01 07:00:45 UTC] Connected to distributed.net:80
>                       via HTTP proxy
>[Mar 01 07:00:46 UTC] FetchRC5::Unable to send request (-1.168).
>even the machine that is running the proxy has to have a modem connection 
>to get packets to and from the client
>when each machine is connected by modem everything works perfectly
>this seems like a DNS problem but am at a loss as how to fix it
>Happy Cracking
>Chuck at AtThe.net

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