[PROXYPER] Proxy connection :Unable to send request

DHS dx7 at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 9 19:23:05 EST 2000

Can someone address why the Client parameter 2/6/3 is asking for "Host Name"
over the IP Addy of the NIC/Machine that the PerProxy is located on?
I ask because I run a Client and my LAN's PerProxy on the same machine. I
have been running with all Client's parameter 2/6/3 set to the IP Addy of
the PerProxy's machine/NIC. It has been working very well.
This seems very subtle, but I don't get the significance.

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From: Chuck <RC5 at atthe.net>
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Date: Wednesday, March 08, 2000 22:03 PM
Subject: Re: [PROXYPER] Proxy connection :Unable to send request

>This behavior resulted from client config settings
>2/6/2  auto select key server
>2/6/3 host name and
>2/6/4 port
>were set to connect directly to a key server and not to the proxy.
>so the client was looking for the key server for keys, not the proxy
>but after it connected to the key server it sent the packets through the
>because the proxy settings were set properly
>all works well now
>At 05:41 PM 3/1/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>personal proxy "ver 313 win32"
>>the problem is that the clients can ONLY connect and download  work units
>>to the proxy when that client's machine is connected
>>to the internet by modem "packets are not going out over the modem
>>connection on the client machine"  otherwise they run out of packets and
>>give this error:
>>[Mar 01 07:00:08 UTC] 52 RC5 packets (189 work units) remain in
>>[Mar 01 07:00:08 UTC] Projected ideal time to completion: 0.16:44:51.00
>>[Mar 01 07:00:08 UTC] 17 RC5 packets (64 work units) are in buff-out.rc5
>>[Mar 01 07:00:45 UTC] Connected to distributed.net:80
>>                       via HTTP proxy
>>[Mar 01 07:00:46 UTC] FetchRC5::Unable to send request (-1.168).
>>even the machine that is running the proxy has to have a modem connection
>>to get packets to and from the client
>>when each machine is connected by modem everything works perfectly
>>this seems like a DNS problem but am at a loss as how to fix it
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