[PROXYPER] Personal Proxy for OS/2 build 313

Teemu Mannermaa wicked at clinet.fi
Sun Mar 12 14:22:56 EST 2000

On Tue, 07 Mar 2000 03:32:14 +0300, Roman Trunov wrote:

>> 1) It seems to try connection too early, because it can't actually
>> reach the network.
>detection of established dialup connection. Currently pproxy working well on my
>version of IP stack (MPTS level  8425, Inetver: 4.02y), but support for YOUR

The personal proxy is running on a Warp 3 Connect machine that has MPTS
v5.00.1 (CSD level WR08210) and TCP/IP v3 (CSD level UN00959) with
inetver 3.07a.

>version can be broken. So, you can either contact pproxy OS/2 developer (if you
>have skills to give him enough information about your IP stack) or 

Is the OS/2 developer reading this or the Team OS/2 list? If he is then
he should check the detection code. And if he needs some information
about my system then he can send me e-mail. I'm quite sure I can find
the necessary information from my system.

BTW, is the OS/2 developer still Trevor Hemsley or has it changed?

>try to upgrade MPTS (and, possible, TCP/IP) to latest recomended versions.

Hmm, I wonder where this 'latest recommended version' information is
Wicked Jack, wicked at clinet.fi, http://www.pp.clinet.fi/%7ewicked/

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