[PROXYPER] Peronal proxy - keyserver communication

Ludek Babor Babor at Glavunion.cz
Wed Mar 15 15:19:12 EST 2000

I have some problems with connecting my personal proxy (313 on WinNT) to 
I am behind a firewall, so I tried to setup communication throuhg a HTTP 
I set up the same proxy name and port like in my Internet Explorer.
Sometimes proxy says: 
Uplink: [1] 121 secs idle. Closing connection. 
sometime says: 
Packet from failed validation. 
I tried to change keyserver name (euro.v27.distributed.net, 
euro80.v27.distributed.net, us80.distributed.net, us.v27.distributed.net), 
directly some IP addresses (,, cahnge ports 
(2064, 80), but without success.
Can somebody send me the dialog between personal proxy and keyserver 
connected via HTTP proxy, so I would get it to our network administrator ?

Best regards
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	Sklarska 450			Fax: +420-417-508085
	416 74 Teplice			FIDO: 2:423/74.13

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