[PROXYPER] Perproxy -> keyserver

Jeroen Gronloh jgronloh at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 16:14:11 EST 2000


I have problems with connecting to a keyserver with perproxy. I connect to a 
server and get disconnected with a socket error. I have to connect multiple 
times before i get a connection to update the buffers. See the part of the 
logfile below. I use perproxy for win9x (Personal Proxy build 313).

03/14/00 11:48:15,Status: Uplink needed... (thresholds exceeded)
03/14/00 11:48:15,Status: Creating uplink (outgoing server) connection.
03/14/00 11:48:16,Uplink: [1] connection to changed state
03/14/00 11:48:16,        from 0 (ESTNONE) to 1 (ESTCONNWAIT)
03/14/00 11:48:22,Uplink: [1] Socket error; (WSAECONNREFUSED): The 
connection was refused
03/14/00 11:48:22,Uplink: [1] Closed connection to


Jeroen Gronloh
jgronloh at hotmail.com
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