[PROXYPER] Peronal proxy - keyserver communication

Ludek Babor Babor at Glavunion.cz
Thu Mar 16 10:13:27 EST 2000

> From:          "Ludek Babor" <Babor at Glavunion.cz>
> Organization:  Glaverbel Czech, a.s., Teplice
> To:            proxyper at lists.distributed.net
> Date:          Wed, 15 Mar 2000 15:19:12 +0200
> Subject:       [PROXYPER] Peronal proxy - keyserver communication
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> Hell,
> I have some problems with connecting my personal proxy (313 on WinNT) to
> keyserver. I am behind a firewall, so I tried to setup communication
> throuhg a HTTP proxy. I set up the same proxy name and port like in my
> Internet Explorer. Sometimes proxy says: Uplink: [1] 121 secs idle.
> Closing connection. sometime says: Packet from failed
> validation. I tried to change keyserver name (euro.v27.distributed.net,
> euro80.v27.distributed.net, us80.distributed.net,
> us.v27.distributed.net), directly some IP addresses (,
>, cahnge ports (2064, 80), but without success. Can
> somebody send me the dialog between personal proxy and keyserver
> connected via HTTP proxy, so I would get it to our network administrator

I have just tried to connect my client (v2.7100.417) to personal proxy 
using the same configuration (http proxy, http + uue) and IT WORKS.
When I tried to connect to same keyserver via personal proxy v313 (5 sec 
later) it does not work.

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