[PROXYPER] Perproxy -> keyserver

DHS dx7 at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 18 10:58:47 EST 2000

  I am also experiencing this activity when using the Dnetc round-robin dns
(us.v27.distributed.net) to attach to a keyserver. The appearance to me is
that either the DNS part is not working, or, the actual keyserver selected
for me (that may be broken, offline, busy, overloaded, etc.) does not pass
my request off properly to another keyserver in the mix. Then, once the
proxy (v313) gets the IP for this server, it continues to go back to it
continuously with each successive ctrl+break invocation. Could this be a
PerProxy bug?
  It is true that I may just be choosing to flush work back during a peak
period also. But I've tried rotating times +/- 4 hours and still get the
same response. Whenever this happens (and it is happening quite frequently),
I resort to manually selecting a keyserver and flushing to it directly.


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Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 13:14 PM
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>On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Jeroen Gronloh wrote:
>Please ensure that you are connecting via one of the DNS records rather
>than by manually specifying an IP address.  We occasionally need to take
>down servers, or move them, and fixing yourself to a single IP address
>limits your connectivity options.  That one IP address (
>happens to be the address of one of our servers that is occasionally
>unavailable due to network connectivity issues. (though connection refused
>implies that it was connectable at the time, but not ready to accept
>connections yet.)
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