Timofey Spirin boroda at borlas.ru
Tue Mar 21 09:33:25 EST 2000

Hi, list.

> Ever since I have upgraded to:

> dnetc v2.8007-458-CTR-00021306 for Win32 (WindowsNT 4.0).

> I can only get blocks in by forcing them in with dnetc -update. Then, they 
> go in just fine.  That says that all the linkage setups are working just 
> fine. These two are on the same machine.  There has never been a problem 
> before.
I think this is a bug (well Dnet officials can say it's feature but
I'll always think it's a bug). When connect mode sets to "normal" client is
not use "flush-workunit-threshold" at all. Try this:


Such config works OK on my computers.

Best regards. Timofey Spirin.

P.S. I know my English is not brilliant. Sorry.

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