Mike Morrow mike at micratek.com
Tue Mar 21 15:16:24 EST 2000

> >I'll always think it's a bug). When connect mode sets to "normal" client is
> >not use "flush-workunit-threshold" at all. Try this:
>It's a bug. The flush threshold uses the value of the fetch threshold 
>currently. This will be corrected in the next release.

That's not it, either.  I set:


and it still does not send in.

I think I overlayed whatever I had with this new one.  I hope a new release 
comes out quickly.

Does no one even run a short block though this stuff to see if it works 
before release????  I could certainly test Win32/NT4 and Win2K sending to a 
perproxy.  That would not be difficult to do and might save others the 
problems.  I would only need early access to the proposed release.  It 
seems this configuration is not currently being tested much or at all.

If there is no testing going on, I would expect that lots of folks will 
quickly decide that this is not worth the trouble for, essentially, no reward.

Mike Morrow

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