[PROXYPER] Small block sizes

Daniel Trads danielts at post8.tele.dk
Wed Oct 4 21:48:14 EDT 2000


I'm running a Linux PProxy 313 for Team 3682 which distributes approx.
10,000 blocks a day. The participants' cows are set to crunch
32*2^28-blocks but it is seldom that the client gets such big blocks.
Mostly the clients' process blocks with sizes from 1*2^28 to 3*2^28.
Then I made a small script which calculates the average blocksize
recieved from the fullproxies:

[jonsiii at fryns ~/testlogs]$ cat average
zcat conlog*.gz | grep "Received rc564" | cut -b 68- > sizes
echo 0 >> sizes
cat sizes | bc code

[jonsiii at fryns ~/testlogs]$ ./average
Total 1*2^28 blocks    208749
Total number of blocks 39879
Average                5.23

A blocksize of 5.2?!??? The PProxy asks for 64*2^28-blocks and about 67%
of the request ends with blocksizes<=3. Why?

Daniel Trads <danielts at post8.tele.dk>

Code to bc:
[jonsiii at fryns ~/testlogs]$ cat code
while (d == 1) {
  if (b == 0) d=0;
"Total 1*2^28 blocks "; a
"Number of blocks    "; c-1
"Average blocksize   "; a/c
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