[PROXYPER] Linux 318?

Wilson, Bruce bwilson at fers.com
Tue Oct 10 13:20:45 EDT 2000


It's very important to remember that [an instance with no errors] is
very different from [no instance with any errors].  When you consider
that a perproxy must correctly interact with clients of varying ages
from all supported platforms in diverse environments, it's not a very
easy thing to ensure that they all work properly.  Different lib
versions (client and proxy) and multiple configuration options
further multiply the possibilities.

Given that a single bad proxy install can do much more damage than a
single bad client install, I'm inclined to wait as long as they need
for testing.

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|On 7 Oct 2000, at 21:05, Peter Cordes wrote:
|> > The 319 code still has a few issues that we have not resolved
|> > and I have not been told to release it yet.
|>  Such as?  I don't care enough to keep an eye on beta code, but I
|> am planning to upgrade when a new stable version becomes 
|available.  Basically,
|> I want to know if the parts that concern me are stable 
|enough that the proxy
|> won't crash while I'm not paying attention.  The current 
|stable proxy (313,
|> IIRC) has never been unstable at all for me.
|319c looks stable for me:
|10/09/00 08:34:29,Status: Uptime: 20.22:07:18, 1 listener, 0 uplinks
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