[PROXYPER] A question to the german list members

cyb97 cyb97 at noxtension.com
Tue Sep 26 14:34:40 EDT 2000

At 26.09.2000 11:31 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi list,
>does anyone know how to get the proxy (v318) to connect through a T-Online 
>(v2.085) dial-up connection? The proxy doesn't recognize that there is a 
>connection to the internet and doesn't fill his buffers.
>Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
What os are we talking?

Try to feed the proxy with a Break-signal, (ctrl+pause),

Give the proxy an SIGALRM.

Signal a Break here too...

Both of these will make the proxy try to create and outgoing
serverconnection to whatever you've set as keyproxy, or if you
haven't set one, it would try one of the distributed.net ones...

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