[PROXYPER] Client fetching and flushing problem

Matt madmatt at bits.bris.ac.uk
Sun Apr 15 14:24:44 EDT 2001


I have a proxy running under Linux on a 486 DX2-66, version 319. It only
serves a few clients for convenience, nothing major. I'm experiencing a
problem when one of the machines flushes it blocks, I get the following

[Apr 14 22:06:02 UTC] FetchRC5::Unable to receive acknowledgement. (0.168)

...often 4/5 times. It retrieves new RC5 packets, but that's about it,
nothing else gets flushed. If I manually issue an "-update" to the client
in question then everything gets fetched & flushed correctly with no
errors. All other clients update fine, but they only fetch a few RC5
packets each time, whereas this client fetches the default amount of OGR
and RC5 each time.

I'm thinking it must be the proxy as the same machine connects to an
identically set up proxy running on a dual PPro-200, same version too, and
generates no errors.

Is a DX-2 just not quick enough?



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