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Wed Jan 10 12:13:41 EST 2001


I'm (still) trying to get a client to connect through a MS Proxy.
I tried earlier with a pers proxy, but got told it's no use trying....  :(
now with the client directly I always get :

[Jan 10 11:00:20 UTC] Connected to
                      via HTTP proxy gbaecfp1:80
[Jan 10 11:00:20 UTC] HTTP error: '407 Proxy authentication required'
[Jan 10 11:00:20 UTC] NetUpdate::Connect handshake failed. (0.168)
[Jan 10 11:00:20 UTC] Connection closed.

I tried every option .
I let it automaticly select a keyserver,
I entered the names of the keyservers I know

But no use.

Alltgough it says connected to "keyserver"
always that "NetUpdate::Connect handshake failed. (0.168)"

I checked the archives and i saw (old references to people having trouble with
it, but also peaple getting through, but no real info on how...
Can anybody try to clarify wath the issue really is.
Why does it say 407 proxy authentication required.
- I'm not authenticated to my MS PRoxy ?( i suppose i am, cause it says
connected to dnet)
- my MS Proxy can not authenticate to the keyserver ? ( if so why?)

Any help would be really appreciated.

Stan client configuration: Keyserver<->client connectivity options
 1) Network Timeout (seconds) ==> 60 (default)
 2) Automatically select a keyserver? ==> yes
 3) Keyserver port ==>
 4) Firewall/proxy protocol ==> HTTP
 5) Firewall hostname:port ==> gbaecfp1:80
 6) Firewall user name ==> XXXXXXX
 7) Firewall password ==> *******
 8) Always use UUEncoding? ==> yes
 9) Dialup-link detection ==> Normal mode

 0) Return to Buffer and Buffer Update Options

Choice -->

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