[PROXYPER] Deletion of Out Files

Ray Booysen rjb-dis at iafrica.com
Sun Jul 22 23:07:13 EDT 2001

> Are you certain that the proxy has finished shutting down by itself before
> you shutdown/reboot your machine?  It's possible that it has not yet
> finished fully writing out its buffers.
This is not the problem.  This happens even if I shut down the service

> Is the size of the out buffer file significant?  The size should be
> roughly proportional to the amount of work it is storing.  Are you certain
> that you have not specified a custom path for your buffer files that are
> either invalid, or colliding with another buffer?
Still not the problem.

It seems to have sorted itself out.  I am really having problems with this
proxy.  If I specify the number of blocks it must do until creating a
connection, as soon as it has 1 block done it does this

Ray Booysen
> On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Ray Booysen wrote:
> > I have been experiencing a problem with the personal proxy.  As soon
> > as the proxy is shutdown, it looses all its done packets.  I read the
> > log and as soon as it is shutdown and restarted, the done blocks
> > section drops to 0.
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