[PROXYPER] Updating through a web proxy

Riley Williams rhw at MemAlpha.CX
Sun Jun 10 19:44:22 EDT 2001

Hi there.

I run the Distributed.Net clients on the machines on my private
network, and have done for some time. However, I currently have to
connect to the Internet via a WinProxy based web proxy that is capable
of handling telnet and ftp as well as http. My problem is that I have
been unable to set up proxyper to work under this configuration.

I am using the build 313 proxy for Linux running on an Intel P166, and
it is successfully serving the clients on both Linux and Win9x systems
on the same ethernet. I gather from the comments in the proxyper.ini
file that I need to set the values for the following variables, but
I'm not quite sure what to, so I have set them as follows:

 Q> uuehttpmode=2
 Q> ; 0=normal, 1=uue, 2=http, 3=http+uue, 4=socks4,
 Q> ; 5=socks5, 6=genproxy, 7=genproxy+uue
 Q> httpproxy=WebCache.UFP.CX
 Q> httpport=3128
 Q> ;httpid=

The available options are as follows:

 1. Web proxy via WebCache.UFP.CX port 3128.

 2. Socks5 via WebCache.UFP.CX on whatever port that uses.

As the above settings do not work, and I can find nothing about
sorting this out on the Distribute.Net FAQ-o-matic site, I would
appreciate any help that may be offered.

Best wishes from Riley.

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