[PROXYPER] Updating through a web proxy

Riley Williams rhw at MemAlpha.CX
Mon Jun 11 23:16:19 EDT 2001

Hi Matador.

 >> I run the Distributed.Net clients on the machines on my private
 >> network, and have done for some time. However, I currently have
 >> to connect to the Internet via a WinProxy based web proxy that
 >> is capable of handling telnet and ftp as well as http. My
 >> problem is that I have been unable to set up proxyper to work
 >> under this configuration.

 > Don't use a perproxy if its too difficult to set-up.

I use a proxyper to simplify my setup, not to make it harder. This
way, I only have the one system to tweak to get it working, rather
than 73 that I would have to tweak if I only ran clients.

 > The distributed.net servers/proxies can handle millions more
 > people, so just connect the old fashioned way.


Personally, I'm not particularly worried whether I tell the perproxy
to connect via a socks or web proxy, or I tell the clients to do so.
However, I HAVE NO CHOICE about using the proxy because it's also the
firewall that connects my system,s to the outside world.

The fact that the distributed.net servers can handle millions more
people is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to me as I just can't connect to them

If anybody cares to give me some hints as to how I can actually take
part in the current distributed.net contests in this situation, PLEASE

Best wishes from Riley.

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