[PROXYPER] Updating through a web proxy

Tom Laermans tom.laermans at powersource.cx
Tue Jun 12 16:24:57 EDT 2001


>  Q> uuehttpmode=2
>  Q> ; 0=normal, 1=uue, 2=http, 3=http+uue, 4=socks4,
>  Q> ; 5=socks5, 6=genproxy, 7=genproxy+uue
>  Q> httpproxy=WebCache.UFP.CX
>  Q> httpport=3128
>  Q> ;httpid=
>The available options are as follows:
>  1. Web proxy via WebCache.UFP.CX port 3128.

seems right...

>  2. Socks5 via WebCache.UFP.CX on whatever port that uses.

use uuehttpmode=5 there...(it's port 1080, btw)

>As the above settings do not work, and I can find nothing about
>sorting this out on the Distribute.Net FAQ-o-matic site, I would
>appreciate any help that may be offered.

It's strange, because they should work... try specifying the IP of 
"webcache.ufp.cx" instead. It didn't work when I let my Proxyper connect 
through WinGate's proxy and used "euro.v27.distributed.net" (or something) 
but it worked when I specified an IP address instead.

Tom (who now happily runs all of this stuff on linux ;-)

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