[PROXYPER] Nobody@some.ip.address pproxy stats problem

Quay, Jonathan (BHR) Jonathan.Quay at BassHotels.com
Thu Jun 21 11:45:54 EDT 2001

We of Ars Technica Team Beef Roast are running a pproxy round robin for the
benefit of our team.  We have noticed on our pproxy stats, like here:
http://gti.2y.net/~nate/pproxy/byemail.html and here: that some of our
member's blocks are showing up as "Nobody@[their.ip.address]".  This is
happening to me personally, and the ip address corresponds to a windows 98
machine.  Does anybody know what causes this?  The blocks do not seem to
count towards the user's real total as reported by dnet.

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