[PROXYPER] Nobody@some.ip.address pproxy stats problem

Riley Williams rhw at MemAlpha.CX
Sun Jun 24 00:38:56 EDT 2001

Hi Andre.

 >> We of Ars Technica Team Beef Roast are running a pproxy round
 >> robin for the benefit of our team.  We have noticed on our
 >> pproxy stats, like here:
 >> http://gti.2y.net/~nate/pproxy/byemail.html and here:
 >> that
 >> some of our member's blocks are showing up as
 >> "Nobody@[their.ip.address]".  This is happening to me
 >> personally, and the ip address corresponds to a windows 98
 >> machine.  Does anybody know what causes this?

 > It can also happen to other boxen (Solaris etc.). Our team had
 > also have such blocks but the owner of the box was claiming to
 > have configured the client as it should.

 >> The blocks do not seem to count towards the user's real total as
 >> reported by dnet.

 > Proxy:
 > andre at inspiron:/usr/local/proxyper> strings proxyper | grep nobody
 > nobody@[%s]

 > Client:
 > andre at inspiron:/usr/local/bin> strings dnetc | grep nobody
 > Exit 1

 > Seen this we can assume the proxy is mapping to this address if
 > it doesn't get a address for some block. Could a pproxy
 > developer confirm this? However it is still to be answered which
 > causes the block to have no address in it... .

Isn't there something on the Distributed.Net website about this
happenning if you're running an old proxy and a new client (or is it
the other way round) ???

You may wish to go round your team members and check that they're all
running the latest clients, and also check that you're running the
latest proxy, to eliminate that as possible reasons.

Best wishes from Riley.

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