[PROXYPER] Lists of Key servers

Art Pannek mrrelaxed at foxinternet.net
Tue Jun 26 14:15:00 EDT 2001

Ray Booysen wrote:

> I was looking for the list of the key servers on
> distributed.net and I couldn't find them.  Could anyone
> tell me where it is or give me the list


You may have to inspect the HTML to see the FQDN.
Distributed net wants you to use the FQDN
us.v27.distributed.net for North America so the DNS servers
can do round robin of IP addresses.

distributed.net keyserver hostnames follow the following
<us|euro|asia|aussie|jp>[port].v27.distributed.net .
     The "port" is an optional field and may be either "80"
or "23".

Art Pannek

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