[PROXYPER] perproxy doesn't connect himself

Jérôme Jaunas j.jaunas at simair.fr
Wed Mar 14 19:04:27 EST 2001


I have problem with perproxy 319 under windows NT 4.0 server SP6a and IE2.0 (x86)

My proxy works well but does'nt connect himself to the net.
If i force a flush with the command "proxysig.exe -update" i obtain the following log 
2001-03-14 18:52:15,Status: Uplink needed... (hard-coded force)
2001-03-14 18:52:15,Status: Creating uplink (outgoing server) connection.
2001-03-14 18:52:16,Uplink: [1] connection to changed state
2001-03-14 18:52:16,        from 0 (ESTNONE) to 1 (ESTCONNWAIT)
2001-03-14 18:53:05,Uplink: [1] Socket error; Unknown error
2001-03-14 18:53:05,Uplink: [1] Closed connection to

and nothing happen

When connection to the net is etablished there is no problem.

How tell the proxy not to search on the local network ?

another question i put the following parameters in the ini

consoleverbosity="server stats buffers timestamp attention errlow errsevere"

But 7 days after my logs are always kept.

Thanks for reading my poor english

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