[PROXYPER] too big blocks given to client?

Heinz Saathoff hsaat at bre.ipnet.de
Fri May 4 21:55:41 EDT 2001

At 18:40 04.05.01 +0200, you wrote:
> > 05/04/01 07:17:24,Client: <-- rc564 x 32 2ae0078b:f0000000
> > So why does the proxy give this huge size blocks to the client? The maximum
> > block size the client should get is rc564 x 8!
>It's a bug in the 463 Client.
>Seting preferred blocksize to 33 helps.

I've set 'preferred block size' to 31 which should result in 8 x rc564 
blocks.  When setting this option to 33 the 32 x rc564 would be a valid 
maximal blocksize. Does this mean that the client will handle this big 
blocks correctly and also show the correct amount of 'work units'?

Heinz Saathoff, Bremen, Germany
e-mail: hsaat at bre.ipNet.de

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