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Mon May 21 12:04:15 EDT 2001

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Subject: [PROXYPER] Proxy setup

> I have a proxy set up on a RH Linux system.  I'd like for it to answer
> requests but right now it seems that when I try to do a fetch/flush from
> my work computer it cannot connect.  The work computer is behind a
> firewall/proxy.  I think the problem is the firewall and/or proxy at work
> are not allowing the connection to port 2064 on my personal proxy machine.
That could very well be the case, since 2064 is a non-standard port (that is
not http, ftp, etc)

> I can't set the proxy machine to listen on port 80 because that will
> interfere with a web server I'm running.

Is there a (good) reason why you want your client at work to fetch/flush to
your personal proxy
instead of directly to one of d.net's ?

If I had the setup you are talking about, i would just use one of d.net's
proxy's, that answer http fetches/flushes.

> Is there an easy way to fix this?  I've browsed the FAQ-o-matic and
> couldn't find anything that seemed appropriate to this problem.
> One thought I had was to set up a virtual webserver on a high port number
> like 8080 or something similar and set the proxy to handle things via
> http.  Would that solve this problem?
Im not sure exactly what you mean, you would try to move your webserver away
from port 80 or what ?

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